[1] Folie à deux


From:  s-ennuyer@nuna-mail.com
Sent: Thursday, April 2,  **** 9:25 AM
To:  xxx@nuna-mail.com
Subject: Yo!

I am not sure if this email address really existed.
If ever, it does, would email exchange possible?

I am definitely bored.


A bored Cherise dropped her sports bag, lie on her bed with both arms stretched wide and stared at the ceiling. A lot of things has been happening lately and she needs to let these thoughts out of her head.

‘To whom?’ , a small voice inside her asked.
Then, she let out a deep sigh. ‘No one, I guess.’

Earlier , she randomly sent an email to a random email address out of boredom. She seems to have forgotten it.
A typical Cherise-day would be:

  • 7:00 am Wake-up
  • 7:15 am Shower
  • 8:00 am Breakfast
  • 8:15 am Leave for School
  • 9:00 am School
  • 3:00 pm Club
  • 8:00 pm Home

And, the remaining hours would be…ah, yes…staring at walls and ceilings of her room.


Then, she remembered about the random email she sent. Just in case, ‘someone’ really replied. Cherise zoomed out of her room and zoomed in the study room of their house.

” Hey!” Levi shouted, as his sister pushed his chair away of the laptop. “Take it easy, dudette!”

Command + N

Cherise pushed the 2 keys , with her ring and index finger.

“Cherise. This is not your piano.”  She glared at him.

He smiled softly. He’s damn fond of sister.

Both of them are red heads, except Cherise’s are more of a carroty red. By age, they are Irish twins.

Eyes? Levi owns a pair of emerald green, while Cherise’s are Gray.
Skin? Both have pinkish skin.

Cherise stared at Levi’s lips. Her hearing denied his words.

No Similarities at all.

Cherise shook her head and opened her email. She blinked several times at the single new email inside her inbox:


From:  xxx@nuna-mail.com
Sent: Thursday, April 2,  **** 9:27 PM
To:  s-ennuyer@nuna-mail.com
Subject: RE: Yo!

Hello. I don’t mind.
It seems you are definitetly bored… your email address says so.

s’ennuyer, correct?



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I sighed.
I wiped the stubborn beads of sweat squeezing out of my sweat glands.
I sighed, again — still lying on my bed and my arms restlessly lay on my sides.

As silence fill the room, I stare at the ceiling. Then, I feel the continuous sound of the clock ticking.

” Yes…a little more time left.” , was my feather-like whisper. ” A little more time left…”

Then, I cried.

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-was a title I used for a required short story in my Filipino Class , back in college.  Inspired from Hamasaki Ayumi’s song, entitled: “A Song for XX”

I hope you’ll like , it! 🙂

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